Cloud Computing: Definition and Features PRIVACY AND LEGAL ISSUES IN CLOUD COMPUTING – THE SMME POSITION IN SOUTH AFRICA Mathias Mujinga School of Computing, University of South Africa, South Africa Abstract Cloud computing (CC) brings substantial benefits to … It is important to gain the trust of these users to be able to become a part of the cloud computing environment. Data Outsourcing: General issues.....71 A walk in the clouds / Anne S.Y. 1. Cloud computing is the delivery of ICT services over the internet on demand. economic, service quality, interoperability, security and privacy issues still pose significant challenges. This article explores the challenges of institutional constraints faced by cloud computing service providers in regard to data privacy issues across borders. Chow --Data protection regulation and cloud computing / Henry Chang --Legal safeguards for cloud computing / Rolf H. Weber --Re-personalizing personal data in the cloud / Anne S.Y. While cloud computing challenges do exist, if properly addressed, these 10 issues don’t mean your IT roadmap has to remain anchored on-premise. In developing solutions to cloud computing security issues it may be helpful to identify the problems and approaches beforehand Professors Cheung and Weber examine, with a team of contributors, what they term ‘emerging and innovative attempts’ to tackle privacy and the developing legal issues in cloud computing including such issues of the moment as personal data privacy… To learn more about the privacy risks using social media like Facebook, ... She worked as a programmer on legacy projects for a number of years before combining her passion for writing and IT to become a technical writer. outsourced services (i.e., the cloud hook) are security and privacy issues. 1. Adopting a multi-disciplinary and comparative approach, this book focuses on emerging and innovative attempts to tackle privacy and legal issues in cloud computing, such as personal data privacy, security and intellectual property protection. What is Cloud computing? The advantages we receive from cloud computing have become an essential part of our lives. Understand the public cloud computing environment offered by the cloud provider. From the consumers' perspective, cloud computing security concerns, especially data security and privacy protection issues, remain the primary inhibitor for adoption of cloud computing services. security and privacy issues after implementation and deployment is not only much more difficult and expensive, but also exposes the organization to unnecessary risk. Cheung and Rolf H. Weber --Introduction to cloud computing and security issues / Joe Kong, Xiaoxi Fan and K.P. Some solutions to mitigate these challenges are also proposed along with a brief presentation on the future trends in cloud computing deployment. Chow 2. This factsheet provides advice on how you can find out the extent to which your privacy … Introduction Cloud computing has been defined as “a model for Another survey carried out by Garter in 2009, more than 70% CTOs believed that the primary reason not to use cloud computing services is that there are data security and privacy concerns. In here, the data is stored in cloud infrastructure and the actual execution is shifted to cloud environment so that a mobile user is set free from resource constrained issue of … I speak to many in traditional IT that I call the "folded arms gang." A security and privacy framework for RFID in cloud computing was proposed for RFID technology integrated to the cloud computing , which will combine the cloud computing with the Internet of Things. Common cloud services are on-demand internet access to computing (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications) services. Cloud computing has become the main platform for data warehousing and processing. Although cloud computing service providers touted the Summary Using a multi-disciplinary and comparative approach, this study examines emerging and innovative attempts to tackle privacy and legal issues in cloud computing such as personal data privacy, security, and intellectual property protection. Legal Safeguards for Cloud Computing Rolf H. Weber 4. A legacy system, in the context of computing, refers to outdated computer systems, programming languages or application software that are used instead of available upgraded versions. The advent of technologies like IoT and 5G brought a new computing paradigm called cloud computing into the world. 6 Whilst the privacy issues faced by cloud providers and customers are challenging, the recent shift in approach by cloud providers is promising and suggests that customers are more likely to be able to resolve infrastructure issues without compromising data security. We have focused in the security issues of cloud computing and we have listed most of the solutions which are available to solve these issues. Introduction to Cloud Computing and Security Issues Joe Kong, Xiaoxi Fan and K.P. In this chapter, we describe various service and deployment models of cloud computing and identify major challenges. The cloud offers economic benefits to providers and convenience to users, but it also generates challenging new privacy and legal concerns that until now have been largely under-explored. .74 Besides the great advantages of Cloud Computing, the security and privacy issues related to this are great concerns in adopting cloud computing. In short, the foremost issues in cloud data security include data privacy, data protection, data availability, data location, and secure transmission. Security and privacy issues in cloud computing Abstract: This paper shows a quick review of cloud computing technology along with its deployment and service models. —It is well-known that cloud computing has many potential advantages and many enterprise applications and data are migrating to public or hybrid cloud. This paper provides a concise but all-round analysis on data security and privacy protection issues associated with cloud computing across all stages of data life cycle. Lack of execution controls, customers' privacy requirements and policies. The top three objections to public cloud in government are security or privacy issues, lack of features and concerns about vendor lock-in. But regarding some business-critical applications, the organizations, especially large These are IT executives who need to address the use of cloud computing-- typically because the CEO or their board of directors is demanding it -- but feel that cloud computing still has too many shortcomings.They want to hear about cloud computing, but they don't believe in its use. ‘Cloud computing provides the foundation for the myriad of network services that millions of Internet users rely upon every day. In particular, they discuss three critical challenges: regulatory, security, and privacy issues in cloud computing. Legacy systems also may be associated with terminology or processes that are no longer applicable to current contexts or content, thus creating confusion. This paper identifies key issues, which are believed to have long-term significance in cloud computing security and privacy, based on documented problems and exhibited weaknesses. survey explains the best benefit of cloud computing with respect to speed and easiness in deployment [1]. However, the growth of mobile computing can be enhanced by integrating mobile computing into cloud computing, and hence a new paradigm of computing called mobile cloud computing emerges. Practical aspects of licensing in the cloud / Alan Chiu and Geofrey Master. Through a qualitative case study methodology, this research compares the institutional structure of a few host countries, with regard to data privacy in cloud computing and delineates a relative case study. In particular, we discuss three critical challenges: regulatory, security and privacy issues in cloud computing. This is why security and privacy in cloud computing needs to take action if users are to trust the system again. The responsibilities of both the organization and the cloud provider vary depending on the Anne Cheung and Rolf Weber's exceptional book on cloud computing issues … Privacy Issues in the Cloud Presentation to the Chief Privacy Officers Council of Canada, May 4, 2010 Ponemon Institute paper at: Data Security Cheung 5. This article illustrates the unique issues of cloud computing that exacerbate security and privacy chal-lenges in clouds.4 We also discuss various approaches to address these challenges and explore the future work needed to provide a trustworthy cloud comput-ing environment. We encourage covered entities and business associates seeking information about types of cloud computing services and technical arrangement options to consult a resource offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology; SP 800-145, The NIST … This paper identifies key issues, which are believed to have long-term significance in cloud computing security and privacy, based on documented problems and exhibited weaknesses. from using cloud computing services is cloud computing security issues [2]. Cheung --Cross-border data flow in the cloud … Re-personalizing Personal Data in the Cloud Anne S.Y. Data Protection Regulation and Cloud Computing Henry Chang 3. Business intelligence (BI) and the cloud are an ideal match, as the first one provides the right information to the right people while the latter is an agile way to access BI applications. After several years of This leads Gartner to expect that governments will implement private cloud at twice the rate of public cloud through 2021, despite private cloud not delivering the same benefits in scale, functionality, cost savings or agility as public cloud. The cloud hook formation provides a useful analogy for cloud computing, in which the most acute obstacles with outsourced services (i.e., the cloud hook) are security and privacy issues. In this article, we will take a look at the privacy issues in cloud computing and how to safeguard against them. When it comes to cloud computing, privacy and security are key issues.
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