Add 100ml water to chillies, coriander, fish curry and turmeric powder, stir to make a smooth paste. Take a mud pot and add coconut oil . Saute till the shallots turn translucent. If you dont have Cocum / Kudampuli in home,replace it with regular tamarind/ Sour mango slices. Add water as needed. Once it starts to boil, add the King fish steaks.Cover and cook for 15 mins.You can reduce the time if you are using small fishes. Kerala is very famous for various varieties of fish curries. Cook on low flame for 5-7 mins. Wash the fish very well several times in a bowl filled with water. Add the diced ginger & garlic in a mortar and pestle and slowly pound it to semi grind the. Fish is a good source of nutritional contents like Omega-3 fatty acid, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Grind the coconut with a shallot, chilly,coriander and turmeric powder to a fine paste.Put the fish pieces in an earthern pot and add the ground paste, curry leaves,green chillies, ginger pieces,salt and kudampuli with water. Coconut Oil gives a best aroma and extra taste to the curry.You can replace with other cooking oil too. Add the dry spices and roast them well until you see streaks of oil appearing. Malabar Tamarind is very unique which offers sweet sourness […] 2. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Add crushed ginger and garlic . • Add soaked kudampuli (Malabar Tamarind), 2 cups water and salt to taste Mix well and allow to boil. Fish curry Kerala style with coconut and kudampuli 1.First, lets saute and grind the masala for the curry: heat coconut oil in a pan and put in fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, small onions, coconut grated and red chillies. Kerala fish curry or Meen curry can be prepared in many ways. Kerala Fish Curry Preparation: Fish Masala Curry in coconut oil with kokum and and a generous sprinkling of curry is a delicacy. 8. A simple and tasty fish curry-- Tangy and spicy Meen Kulambu is sure to tickle your tastebuds. This curry is really mild yet flavorful. This tangy and spicy kudampuli fish curry is not only tasty but is very easy to make as well. My mother-in-law makes a similar Fish Curry (Meen Mangayittu Vechathu) but instead of Coconut Milk, ground coconut paste is used. Remove skin. Took be approximately 5 mins. 4. Kerala Fish Curry Variations. Reduce heat and add coriander, chilly, turmeric, fenugreek and pepper powders. Use whatever is available to you. Cut fish into desirable small pieces. Once onion turned light brown, add turmeric, chilly and coriander powder. Sorry dsilva for not mentioning properly.I used half inch size ginger piece.will update it now:), Posted by Allrecipeshub on Feb - 12 - 2017 under. What is Kerala Fish Curry? Add the shallots and the green chilies and pound them all together to form a textured mix and not a fine paste. Kerala Style Fish curry with coconut milk. Lots of ginger, garlic, and the tanginess from gamboge/kudampuli along with the coconut milk makes it a rich flavorful Fish Curry. This recipe uses regular tamarind as a substitute. Making of Kerala Fish Curry | Coconut Milk Fish Curry | Kudampuli Fish Curry: 1. • When boiled, add fish pieces. You have not mentioned the amount / quantity of Fish by weight or by pieces for the ingredients chosen. To avoid the raw smell of fish, I prefer cleaning it with salt and All purpose … Looks something like this. Remove from fire. In a mortar& pestle / blender, Add shallots, ginger and garlic pods.Crush it . Because Malabar tamarind and coconut milk make the curry mild and creamy. I have also used Kashmiri Red chili powder which gives the bright red color to the curry … Clean fish pieces well. This fish curry with coconut milk is a spicier version when compared to a Fish Molee recipe, but lighter than a Red Fish Curry or maybe pretty close to it with an extra addition of coconut milk. King fish/ seer fish- 500 gms cleaned and cut into small curry pieces. Add Coriander powder .
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