Not exactly easy to install and certainly required 2 people to get it up, but overall well worth the money! The welded wire racks make the contents being put onto the shelves more secure and the hooks Fleximounts provides is great for bikes or other items which need to be hung. I bought this on January 6, 2016 and now has been more than 1 year I’ve constantly used it since I work from home and several things are sitting on this, including a large 27″ display, 2 Yamaha NS10 monitors (speakers) and other things. There were 0 defects that would effect the integrity of the structure. H. Overall I am very happy with this garage adjustable ceiling storage rack, it’s very good quality and it’s affordable and I recommend it. I was very impressed with how the item shipped – quality foam inserts kept all the parts from bumping into each other and getting scratched. I can see one or two more of these in my future for sure. I wish I would have purchased this sooner. Happy wife, happy life! Super high-quality heavy duty metal. it really worked out better than I expected. I would not recommend installing this parallel to joists as then you are relying on only 3 joists for support. Sturdy and reasonable cost, takes time and energy to install though. Easy to put together and sturdy construction. ... All necessary hardware and instructions are included. The instructions were easy to follow with some minor language/grammar issues, but nothing that made it unclear. Stable and sturdy. It was a much easier job than I anticipated and I’m glad I didn’t wimp out. I’m still trying to find a way to buy extra supports to use the remaining two shelves I have. Make sure you have 2 people for installing. Fleximounts offers you more installation solutions to perfectly fit for your space: 4’x8, 3’x8′, 4’x6′, 4’x4′, 3’x6′ size options. HEAVY GAUGE COLD -ROLLED STEEL CONSTRUCTION. This is a two person Job can you do it alone yes will you struggle yes will it take you time yes. Got this on a cyber Monday deal for $115 which is a steal for this…I would say anything under $200 and it’s worth it. My garage was packed with all kinds of stuff, most of them I will still need but really no space to put them. Most of my installation problems were due to complicated ceiling structure. Capacity: I filled it up with boxes full of average storable material such as clothing, decorations, blankets, 2 Christmas trees, and other random items you only need seasonally. 4. do to how my beams are spaced they did not reach across so I had to butt up against my wall and rearrange the front brackets. Productive. 1 x Garage Rack Our main concern has been hanging storage over our classic car which is valuable and the risk of the storage racks falling. 4. Instead, there is lots of stuff taking up the garage area that was meant for your vehicles. 2. I bought two kits – 8×4’ size. W x 22-40 in. I should’ve done this 5 years ago. Most it it can be done by one person, but lifting the grates and holding them in place will require a helper. 2. We offer you more installation solutions to perfectly fit your space. The welded wire racks make the contents being put onto the shelves more secure and the hooks Fleximounts provides is great for bikes or other items which need to be hung. My wife wanted a separate room built for her quilting so we moved the table base to the new room, that is where our troubles started. Had a desk top version (sit stand)but saw the price on this and liked that it could be made to straddle a treadmill- or(since I added the wheels- purchased thru the company) moved away….. or to another room- yes! About us | Accessory hooks and items pictured on the racks are not included. Verify the direction your ceiling joists run. I bought a 72″ x 30″ butcher block and screwed it in. Easy to assemble and install and great customer service. Make sure you have 2 people for installing. I’ve recommended this to 3 colleagues today who all are complaining of knee/ back /shoulder pain as well as other health issues. Integrated grid design for easier assembly. I wish more companies would follow their business plan. Happy wife, happy life! The only negative to the desk is that it is wobbly when fully extended. I had this all put together and operational in about 10-15 minutes. My garage is much less cluttered. L x 48 in. This product is very reasonable and you can’t put a price on losing mobility. The instruction was pretty easy to follow and I got it done in about 30-40 mins. The have very prompt customer service. Do not attempt to install it if you’re not technical enough. It’s easy to store anything and a lot easier for us old folks to retrieve our items. {"type":"video","tracklist":true,"tracknumbers":true,"images":true,"artists":true,"tracks":[{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/12\/fleximounts-garage-storage-solution.mp4","type":"video\/mp4","title":"fleximounts-garage-storage-solution","caption":"","description":"","meta":{"length_formatted":"0:09"},"dimensions":{"original":{"width":1920,"height":1080},"resized":{"width":1148,"height":646}},"image":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-includes\/images\/media\/video.png","width":48,"height":64},"thumb":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-includes\/images\/media\/video.png","width":48,"height":64}}]}. Fleximounts will never let you down because it #WorkAsHardAsYou. It’s really all that’s needed. Tools and skills required: ladder of appropriate height, drill, tape measure, 3/16″ drill bit, pencil, and wrenches provided if you don’t have any. Directions could have been better, but we figured it out. I’m going to go through a few points to make your life easier with this product. I had a problem with my controller for the desk and they responded very quickly to resolve the issue without making me jump through hoops like many companies do. The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff. The customer service we have received from the company is impeccable! This is the 3rd adjustable base we have purchased from Ergo. Required Tools. Very sturdy and work very well. This company deserves 5 + stars. Note that it’s a considerable effort to set it up. Good quality – very easy to assemble. There Youtube video is very helpful as well. I purchased one of their bases about 2 years ago. Highly recommended. Thanks! The item was packed nicely and much lighter than i expect, and Instruction is clear. It is not the easiest thing to install but it is pretty easy to follow the instructions. I’m so excited to have this. I really liked the quality of the material used for the rack. Time: 1st, who cares. Works great and easy to install, I’ll be purchasing another in the spring. I have a hammer drill and used a socket to put the bolts into the rafters. And it’s 50bucks cheaper! With the overhead storage I have gained over 100 cubic feet of storage that can hold over 600 pounds. Easy to install. Good design, goes together easily, good paint finish, sturdy components and hardware, and it should last for years. 75% Pre-assembled. This durable and heavy duty… I had them up in 30-40 minutes and they seem solid enough to support the rated 600lbs. Very happy with the product so far! Instructions are good and thorough, and nothing was necessarily difficult to do (except maybe trying to lift it up and secure it by yourself. Other than that I can’t really complain. The other tool I recommend is this stud sensor the ProSensor T13 Professional Stud Finder (
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