Our Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Flooring is available in C & Better Vertical Grain for a more refined look in widths of 1x3", 1x4", 1x6" and 5/4x4" and lengths from 3' to 20.' glauca, the Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir or interior Douglas-fir. Clear Vertical Grain Sample. Sign up. This flooring is perfect for homes, offices, restaurants and bars. AVAILABILITY: Thickness: 6mm to 90mm | Width: 15mm to 260mm | Lengths from 2.1 to 3.6m £ 5.99. Douglas Fir Flooring. CVG Wide Plank Fir Flooring; Appearance Grade Wide Plank Flooring; Porch Decking; Douglas Fir Trim and Moulding; Douglas Fir Paneling; Douglas Fir Timbers & Rough Lumber; ALTRUFIR IS THE #1 SOURCE FOR DOUGLAS FIR FLOORING ONLINE. Moreover the structural characteristics of Douglas Fir mean that it has great stiffness (little deflection) over large spans. Visual Filter Title Loading. We are happy to pull any size order, large or small. The Lumber Baron has a large selection of reclaimed Douglas Fir for sale. 705-742-9353 Contact Us. Select Your Length ↓ 3 1/8" CVG Douglas Fir Porch Decking (Standard 3'-8' lengths) $8.25/SF. The tree is quite large so large cants over incredible length are easy to obtain. Home; News; Contact Us; Media; Showrooms; Resources; In-Stock Flooring; Monaghan Lumber Specialties. Some floor boards needed to be replaced, so we added a couple hundred to the final price. Douglas Fir Regarded as one of the strongest and most durable soft wood materials, Douglas Fir has always been the preferred choice of builders, engineers and architects. What’s so special about Douglas Fir as a timber cladding species you ask?. A co-worker told me this guy was the hardwood floor Hosana. The goal of sustainable forestry is to combine the sustainability of growing and harvesting trees with the protection of wildlife, plants, soils, water quality and a wide range of other conservation goals. For a wide selection of flooring, decking, & trim & moulding solutions, contact Monaghan Lumber! Home; About. Original reclaimed shiplap has been flooring in many high traffic restaurants and weather the test of time and traffic! With its tight know pattern, Premium Douglas fir is a beautiful wood to use exposed. Frequently used for loft flooring and roof decking, the uniquely straight grain and reddish-orange color of Douglas Fir provides eye-catching appeal wherever it is installed. Douglas-fir wood is used for structural applications that are required to withstand high loads, therefore it is gets used extensively in the construction industry. Our company focuses on the manufacturing of kiln dried Douglas Fir wood products. They are important timber trees and produce strong wood. Flooring Larch. Our English Larch/Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Cladding is the ideal choice should you require that traditional 'T&G' look to your cladding project, along with the natural durability and stunning grain of English Larch/Douglas Fir, impeccable weather protection and a cost effective alternative to our oak claddings. Also in stock is 5/4x4" Landing Tread and 5/4x12" Stepping in lengths from 3' to 20'. CVG Wide Plank Fir Flooring; Appearance Grade Wide Plank Flooring; Porch Decking; Douglas Fir Trim and Moulding; Douglas Fir Paneling; Douglas Fir Timbers & Rough Lumber; Email to a Friend. It occurs from near sea level along the coast to 1,800 m (5,900 ft) above sea level in the mountains of California. When architects and engineers look for the best in structural lumber, their first choice repeatedly is Douglas Fir. Cart with 0 items Cart. Email Address. The grade that we supply Douglas Fir wood in is Clear and Better which is the top grade for imported Douglas Fir. From flooring and paneling to trim stock and timbers, WE HAVE IT ALL! Lowe's Home Improvement Wishlist My Lists. Request A Quote. Popular for its light rosy color, excellent strength-to-weight ratio and for being dimensionally stable, it's able to provide superior nail-holding capabilities. (651) 439-5051 | (800) 862-6003. History; Our Mission; Careers; News; Brands. Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events. Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir . We use it for pillars, beams and other supporting structures. Featured Douglas Fir Deals. Modern LH 3/4 Lite Satin Glass Grey Stain Douglas Fir Prehung Front Door with DSL Model# PHED.DF.431SE.30.68.134.LH.DSL.512.Grey $ 3,309 82 Also: For heavy construction work, roof trusses, interior and exterior joinery | Dock and harbour work | Marine piling, poles and ship building. x 80 in. Choose from Douglas Fir Lumber & the best building materials. Carefully manufactured, seasoned and graded, Douglas Fir is economically and successfully used throughout residential and commercial construction. Vastern Timber is one of the country's largest English hardwood sawmills, specialising in the cutting, drying and machining of British hardwoods and softwoods. Several are grown as ornamentals and are common Christmas trees in North America. As a British timber supplier we offer a range of sawn hardwoods for joinery and furniture making, oak beams for construction, timber cladding, solid hardwood flooring and hardwood decking. We can also supply Scottish Oak to special order. The timber is a light reddish brown and, in this grade, has a low knot content. Douglas Fir Flooring 7098 N Marine Dr Portland OR 97203 (360) 600-0153 Call or Text. All Douglas Fir flooring & beaded ceiling from Sierra Pacific is SFI certified. At our Bozeman, Montana facility we operate an 18,000 board foot capacity dry kiln, and have over 9,000 square feet of drying sheds and covered storage. 2x6 Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Decking. Building Supplies / Lumber & Composites / Framing Lumber / Dimensional Lumber; 78 products in Douglas fir | Dimensional Lumber . Wide Plank Douglas Fir Flooring. We’re the only British manufacturer of hardwood flooring, making standard and bespoke ranges of solid, engineered and reclaimed wooden flooring in Oak, Ash, Douglas Fir and Walnut. Commissioned by architects, interior designers and domestic customers with a knowing eye, our products are used for flooring, parquet, wall panelling, cladding, doors, stairs and cabinets. 3 1/8" CVG Fir Flooring (3' … A Douglas plank floor creates a highly elegant and harmonious expression due to the extraordinary dimensions. Douglas Fir lumber has become the standard wood of choice for timber framing and exposed beam building due to the high availability of large timber sizes. Pieces 6" and wider are graded from the better side or face and one edge, the other edge and reverse side may be one grade lower". With over a 200 year old proven track record. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Wide Plank Douglas Fir Flooring. FSC Douglas Fir Flooring A distinctive feature of Pacific Northwest homes, Douglas fir was the building material of choice in our region in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I decided to take the chance. Longer lengths are not a problem at an additional cost. The WWPA tell us that for finish grades " pieces 5" and narrower are graded from both edges and the better side or face; the reverse side may be one grade lower. Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is not a true fir at all, it is a distinct species named after Archibald Menzies, a Scottish physician and naturalist who first discovered the tree on Vancouver Island in 1791, and David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who later identified the tree in the Pacific Northwest in 1826. English Larch/Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Cladding. 3 1/4" CVG Fir Flooring (Standard 3'-6' Lengths) $8.55 / Square Foot . Douglas Fir flooring ages to a warm orange-brown color. J&W Lumber specializes in Rough Douglas Fir from small 2×2’s to 12×12 timbers and larger, available in lengths exceeding 30 feet. Heritage Salvage Douglas fir flooring is versatile and flexible. Select Structural Grade is best known for its tough fibers, dense grain structure and strength. Kiln-Dried Douglas Fir Timbers Douglas Fir is one of the strongest woods in the world. Phone: 705-742-9353 or 1-800-354-3195. Douglas With our Douglas planks, you get a distinct and unique look of the highest quality. Krosswood Doors 64 in. Douglas-fir is one of the United States’ most plentiful softwoods. Providing these trees to live on as beautiful fir trim, and douglas fir flooring. Products from trees growing west of the Cascade Crest are simply identified as “DF” on the grade stamp. Shop Savings Services Ideas. Find a Store Near Me. Serving Peterborough and the Kawarthas About. Douglas fir, genus of about six species of evergreen trees of the conifer family Pinaceae, native to western North America and eastern Asia. Another variety exists further inland, Pseudotsuga menziesii var. Subscribe . The overall quality of Douglas Fir wood makes up for the relative difficulty in working and treating it. By Appointment Only. USED FOR: More veneers and plywood are produced from Douglas Fir than any other wood. Douglas Fir. We strive to provide our customers with the absolute best products and service. Universally recognised for its superior strength to weight ratio, Douglas fir has the highest strength rating of any softwood and is the preferred specie for timber framing in the United States, often being used to construct taller buildings thanks to its excellent performance. As one of the hardest and most dense of the softwood species, Douglas Fir makes a practical, as well as a beautiful, addition to your home. It resists scuffing and abrasion and it has become a New England classic for generations because of its durability. Doug Fir is also valuable for its rustic beauty and fire rating. Largest selection of pre-finished Douglas Fir flooring in the world. Plus it’s traditional, versatile, economical, effective, and, because it’s wood, it’s also beautiful. of VAT, delivery and installation. Douglas Fir is one of Great Northern Lumber’s most plentiful softwood species, accounting for one fifth of our company’s softwood reserves. As one of the most common species in American forests, Douglas Fir is strong and straight-grained. Construction 2×4s designated as SPF (spruce, pine, fir)—are often Douglas-fir. You may display the newly milled or rustic patina side. Clear Douglas Fir machines to an exceptionally smooth, glossy finish and when dry it retains its shape and size without shrinking, swelling, cupping, warping, bowing or … Location & Hours. MyLowes Sign In. We have high quality wire brushed, circular sawn, and hand scraped Douglas Fir wood floors available in 8 different colors. Perfect for flooring, interior siding, exposed beams, furniture or floating shelves; our carefully selected old-growth doug fir lumber is chosen for ring density, strength, and unique coloration, as well as historic value. More information on our Doug Fir Flooring: Why Douglas Fir is Great for Hardwood Flooring Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it has long been the go-to species for carpentry and construction projects. Many of these buildings still boast their original Doug fir flooring, and many other have had this appealing and durable flooring installed in the decades since. Since 1992, we've been your source for real, natural Douglas Fir Products. Mikes bid was $2500 for the job. All Prime; Fineline Paneling; Products An extravagant solution with clear references to the majestic Douglas tree. We can provide custom sizes as small as 1 x 2 and a wide floor up to 12 x 12 and wider. KILN DRIED DOUGLAS FIR. Originating from residential structures and industrial buildings typically on the West Coast dating back to the early 1900’s, reclaimed Douglas fir flooring is available in a wide range of widths up to 11” and long lengths up to 16’+. Hours. Prices from 66 € per m2 excl. Be the first to review this product. Originating from residential structures and industrial buildings typically on the West Coast dating back to the early 1900’s, reclaimed Douglas fir fireplace mantels are available in a wide range of sizes from 4”x4” up to 12”x16” and lengths up to 8’. East of the Cascades, Larch grows intermixed with Doug Fir and marketed as “DF-L”. Oak. Our emphasis is on architecturally dry lumber for the discerning home builder. Douglas Fir flooring easily withstands consistent harsh weather and is a very dependable option for high foot traffic areas. That’s why we think Douglas Fir as fresh sawn cladding is so significant, because it’s as sustainable as a building material gets. Doug Fir lumber products are identified by region. Availability: In stock. We produce our own Scottish Larch flooring, which is beautiful and hard-wearing.
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