Re: Screen flickers using DisplayPort on Windows 10 i have the same problem with my pc windows 10 using the Latest AMD driver also using a Club 3d display port 1.2 to hdmi 2.0 certified, what lessened the problem is buying this Premium High Speed HDMI™ 2.0 4K60Hz UHD cable 3 m/ 9.8 ft Run Hardware troubleshooter by going to Control Panel > search Troubleshooting > click View All > … Was on 16.5.3 previously and now installed 16.7.1 still the same problem black screen flicker display port only. If you set your display to [email protected] and connect a display to the DisplayPort output on the laptop docking station, your display may flicker. Screen flickering in Windows 10 is usually caused by a display driver issue or incompatible app. To help you with your concern about the screen flickering when connected to an external monitor, Here are the things we can do: Check if your video card driver is updated as well as Windows update. If you connect to the Display Port and VGA on the side of the laptop, the flickering goes away. This issue only affects certain monitors and is a result of an interoperability issue between the hardware used in the display and the docking station. the SB, but I … Then, based on that information, you'll need to update, rollback, or uninstall your display driver or update or uninstall the app. This happens already in the BIOS setup, so I don't think it's a driver issue (Im running Xubuntu 15.10 with kernel 4.4). Dell inspiron i5 7559 Intel graphics 530, GTX 960 4gb dedicated. No problem. This has happend on multiple monitors with different cables. Well when i chose integrated graphic my games don’t flicker at all tho game are unplayable due to less Intel dedicated graphic memory, when i switch back to Nvidia graphic it flickers n with black, white etc dack screen. We had scereen flickering but on our laptops connected to displayport on dock and that was Dock firmware issue, but I have checked back through the BIOS updates for your machine and cannot find mention of a Video BIOS update, even though there could be one just not mentioned which fixes the displayport issue. The cause is DisplayPort detection issue on some graphics cards when monitor is connected to the computer via DisplayPort - DisplayPort cable. To determine whether a display driver or app is causing the problem, check to see if Task Manager flickers. On reboot if screen continues to flash, with older working driver, you may have an application issue. My new system specs Case: Enermax Ostrog GT ATX Mid Tower ECA3280A-BR CPU: i7 … Hi mike, Am experiencing the same issue and it has been really frustrating. If screen does not flicker on clean boot then you got an app / program issue. It cant be cable issue because already tried 2 different cables. So far everything went fine except IO am getting a half a screen flicker on my 3rd monitor. The external monitor flickers and disconnects once every 2 minutes, and then returns, only to flicker/disconnect again, repeatedly. I realise I say flickering, and to better describe the problem, as its quite hard to get a picture of it - is it seems to flicker and bring up a portion of the display, so it flicks usually the bottom of the screen between the proper resolution, or what you should be seeing, to another chunk of the display which is say the top of the display. I'm running an NUC6i5SYH, and I seem to have an issue where the Displayport output is giving me some flickering, and some times the screen goes black for a few seconds. assuming you are on v2.42 of BIOS In that case you could try a clean boot to see if that resolves issue. The tutorial walks you through the identification process. HP display doesn't wake up or screen goes black with DisplayPort connection. I see that many people have asked similar question re. Re: Displayport, Freesync, black screen issues, and a potential fix (LG & AMD) I have solved (for now) the issue of black screening / flicker / artifacts with DP 1.2a … This makes working with an external monitor unbearable. I have all three 1440p monitors plugged in via Display Port. I just installed my new RTX 3080 FTW Ultra I bought on Wednesday.
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