- Select all, Imagine (Image and Animation Viewer) In the Normal view, select all contents of the slide. Ctrl + B: Bold highlighted selection. - - - Select all, Nuke If you're working with a document that has multiple pages, this keyboard shortcut selects all text on all pages. The most used key combination to undo the previous action the user has made. Pressing Ctrl-S again resumes the operation. Select all layers in current graphs. - - - - - - Select all text in the current line. - 35. In Microsoft PowerPoint, the Ctrl+A shortcut key has the following functions. When i had windows Ctrl S … - Select All, Microsoft Paint Most people chose this as the best definition of ctrl-s: In a DOS or Windows PC, h... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. - If you're editing the contents of a cell and press Ctrl+A, nothing will happen. - - - - Evernote for Windows - Left - - When a group or tile is in focus in the Start menu, move it in the direction specified. - I think I wasn't clear before. The CTRL-Z acronym/abbreviation definition. Select all, FileMaker
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