While the sizes of most of the lenses are perfect (I prefer the F2 lenses for their smaller size), many will be surprised by the weight of the camera. The phone comes with plenty of RAM and storage, and at this price, it's one of the more affordable premium smartphones. Best street photography cameras of 2020. Though it is a compact camera, there’s plenty to love packed into the little powerhouse. New York Fine Art Photography Portrait & Events, Workshops. Both Nikon and Canon were slow to enter the mirrorless market, and this allowed Fuji and Sony to get a head start. Pros: Small size, performance at high ISOs, colors (Fuji color profiles), image quality, design and usability, silent shutter, fast autofocus, price-point for quality. Their design, form, ergonomics, and size are only matched by Fuji. The camera has an articulating screen and in-camera stabilization, which is fantastic for street work at night. In addition, the buttons and the menus just don’t feel quite as nice or work as well. But you will have a lot of sharpness throughout your images, which is great for street photography. Pair it with a 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens for a compact, affordable and expandable DSLR camera setup for street photography. Beyond the X100 the Fuji X-Pro series and the Fuji X-T series are very popular among street photographers. I chose the M10-P versus the M10 because of two considerations that make it better for street photography (the cameras are fairly identical). Indeed, it was Leica’s build quality on their 35mm cameras that earned them their name (and price point). But this is just a nitpick. a 10x zoom is favored by many such as the Panasonic 14-140mm HD lens; a lens for hand held low light (eg. If you use these photos for your social media accounts and online portfolios, your phone can be the best choice. Adorama 108,968 views If you are looking to get into (or back into) photography this is the camera to use. If you want to venture into street photography using a film camera that is inexpensive you can consider getting a Holga 120N Medium Format Film Camera. All this range would already be ideal for wildlife photography, but the fact that the camera is capable of shooting at an impressive 24fps with autofocus, to a maximum buffer of 249 frames, really seals the deal. You can use a 35mm and 50mm for street, but then also use their zooms or portrait lenses for other purposes. Roderick Smith is on Facebook. View Fuji X100V details on B&H Photo Video. While great for street photography, it can be a little too wide for some. As Chase Jarvis (CEO of CreativeLive) famously says, “the best camera is the one you have with you,” and we truly believe that. Pros: Stunning image quality and colors, ISO, fast and responsive camera, minimalist design and usability, silent shutter, rangefinder focusing. For the vast majority of photography, the camera doesn’t matter. And it has a max ISO of 25600, just like the D3500. If you’re looking to pursue photography as a career, you’ve likely looked into the commercially-adept side of the medium, only to find that high-end, rarely-affordable cameras have achieved dominion — and rightfully so. The Holga 120N is by all means a toy camera, but it will completely open your eyes to the differences between shooting 35mm and 120, medium format film. Don't forget film cameras. But for the price conscious, it’s also a good time to pay attention to deals on the previous Fuji X100F, which should be coming down in price. Both Canon and Nikon were slow to enter the mirrorless market, and this allowed Fuji and Sony to get a head start. And it even has auto-focus, so it’s a great camera for those who want a Leica but also want auto-focus (which the M10 does not have). Street photography as the ultimate democratic form of photography : All cameras are good for street photography; some better than others for different reasons. RF 35mm F1.8, EF 50mm F1.4. I shot my entire grandfather’s funeral on it, with Neopan 400 film, pushed to 1600: Pretty exciting time for smartphone street photography as well, here are some good options: iPhone SE has the (same camera as the iPhone 6s) — only $349 (unlocked!!!) In fact, some prefer Fuji and Sony, even when price is no issue. The size is slightly larger but still exceptional. It uses HDR+ and ‘computational photography‘ for phenomenal image quality! Written by Gary on January 16th, 2011. In this article, I picked point and shoot, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras for different kinds of landscape photography … RICOH GR II is probably the best affordable street photography camera, and also the best street photography camera in general! Portability. The 24 megapixels in the a7 is perfect – you will fill up too many memory cards with the 42-megapixel images of the a7r. But when it comes to discreet shooting on the fly, nothing can quite match a 35mm rangefinder camera as proven … We are filtering what we see, to find the moments that intrigue us, and to then share them with others. Here is the list: Fujifilm X100V, Fujifilm XT-4, Ricoh GR III, Fuji – Ricoh – Sony – Leica – Canon – Nikon – Olympus, Fuji X100V ($1,399), Fuji XT-4 ($1,699 + lens), Fuji XT-30 ($799 + lens), Ricoh GR III ($899.95), Sony a7 III ($1,798 + lens), Sony a6000 ($398 + lens), Sony RX100 ($1,198), Leica Q2 ($4,995), Leica M10-P ($7,995 + lens), Canon EOS RP ($999 + lens), Nikon Z6 ($1,696.95), Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III ($1,1999). So let’s look at these lens types in more detail. View Sony a7 III details on B&H Photo Video. The camera is also slightly less responsive in autofocus and frames-per-second than the X-T4, but they are still exceptional. Last on the list, but certainly not least. The X-T3 is a dream come true for the all-around enthusiast and, therefore, ideally suited for street shooting. ), Central Park Weddings, Engagements, and Proposals, Editing and Putting Together a Portfolio in Street Photography, An Intro to Night City and Street Photography, Private Daily NYC Photography Tours and Workshops, Online Workshops, Presentations, and Portfolio Reviews, Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm (34mm equivalent) F1.8, Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm (50mm equivalent) F1.8, A Guide to Street Photography in New York, The Essentials of Street Photography: eBook, History of NY Photography: Documenting the Social Scene, The Top 15 New York / New Yorker Documentaries, Graciela Iturbide – Forgoing and Embracing Traditional Life in Mexico, New York Photography Gallery – Fine Art Prints, New York Portrait, Events, and Family Photography Services. Pretty much all I need to say is that this camera is a favorite of street photographer Daido Moriyama. The X100V is the perfect size, the vintage style and wonderful design and form factor adds a special feeling to the camera that just makes it fun to use, and the look that comes out of the camera is spectacular. One of the flagships of Sony’s mirrorless system, the a7 III is a camera that is definitely worth considering. I shot a lot of street photography in Osaka with it recently, and loved it! All you need is a cheap camera, the desire to walk and explore, and your own confidence to shoot! There are arguments for using both these types of lenses in taking street photos. I still like the way the photo looks. Later on, after graduate school, I acquired a myriad of Canon cameras and lenses, including 3 Canon T-90's, T-70, Z-135, ..., etc. Nearly everything stated for the X100 stands for the X-T4, with the exception of a few differences. But the large advantages it once held over other brands no longer holds as true these days, and brands such as Fuji and Sony are so close that the price may not make it worth it. Leica’s flagship camera is a marvel in design and technology, which it should be for the price, but it does have its quirks that will turn off some. There are arguments for using both these types of lenses in taking street photos. Consider using the camera a smartphone for street photography. The colors look great and the image quality is excellent for a micro-4/3rds, but that is the issue that will turn off a lot of people. Now that we have seen what makes a camera great for street photography, let’s see what the BEST street photography cameras are for this year. Pros: Price, small size, image quality for price, ISO capability, design and usability, autofocus articulating screen, silent shutter. It has the form factor of one of the old consumer-level digital cameras of old, with the innards of a modern-day workhorse. You can pick one up on MPB for as little as $620. But it’s still a great focal length, particularly for city environments or busy areas. Pros: medium size, lens selection, performance at high ISOs, colors (Fuji color profiles), image quality, battery life, silent shutter, fast autofocus, design and usability, video, articulating screen. Shoot it in RAW and use ERIC KIM MONOCHROME 1600 preset for a lovely gritty monochrome aesthetic. This landscape photography camera will be interesting to users who do not like to change lenses and prefer to work with a universal all-in-one camera. What makes a camera specifically well suited for street photography? In less then 10 years time, the options for ideal, compact street photography cameras went from being extremely limited to there now being so many strong options that it can feel overwhelming to choose the right one. A brand-new mirrorless camera can cost as little as $300 without any add-ons, for instance. They can work with a variety of lenses and many are small and affordable. Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless gives us some of the good and bad that come with creating an entirely new camera system. The first aspect to speak about is the sensor size, which at 1-inch is smaller than micro-4/3rds, let alone APS-C. At 20.1 megapixels, you can still blow up photographs very large, but the depth of field and subtle transitions in the photos will be lacking when compared to larger sensors. View Nikon Z6 details on B&H Photo Video. Unlike sports, wildlife, or street photography, landscape shooting tends to be slow and methodical; lower ISOs, slower shutter speeds, smaller apertures, and working from a tripod are essentially obligatory, whereas with other genres of photography, high ISO sensitivities, fast continuous shooting rates, and quick autofocus systems tend to be the most prized elements of a camera system. You can purchase primes for street photography and then a zoom or portrait lens for other purposes. The mystique of Leica – the camera of Cartier-Bresson and many other famous street photographers, but is it right for you? Many photographers who do landscape photography as a hobby might want to consider these cameras, which we have had good experience with: Fujifilm X-T3 / X-T4 – Our top picks among APS-C cameras are the X-T3 and X-T4, both of which offer great image quality with a … Pros: Small size, design and ergonomics, image quality, color, price. Fuji entered the mirrorless market in a big way with the introduction of the X100 in 2011, and other camera companies have been playing catchup ever since. For Android, the best image quality is the Google Pixel. This camera is super easy to use and relatively affordable – as such, it’s a good choice for someone just getting into street photography. This will create files that you can blow up to massive sizes (although I still blow up photos from my old 6-megapixel Canon 10D from 2003 – just add some film grain and you can get away with a lot). Nikon also produces film cameras. And with many older Nikon lenses, the autofocus will not work, turning them into manual focus only lenses. ), but the issue is that these lenses are large, considerably larger than Fuji’s lenses for instance. This camera will do everything that you need. The Canon EOS RP is one of the lightest and least expensive full-frame mirrorless cameras available. The M10-P includes a touch screen opinion of great camera technology in a package... Me in GR is that this camera allows you to use a 35mm and 50mm for street photography Fine photography... The old consumer-level Digital cameras of old, with the 42-megapixel images the! T6 packs a lot of street photography times the price, design and feel of the previous decade great. Creating an entirely new camera system & AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm affordable street photography camera ED - black in P mode focus... That can feel almost film-like storage, and also the best affordable street photography and then zoom. And minimal controls, Texas and meet people who share your interests CMOS sensor 28 mm.! Lens sizes, silent shutter annoying with larger lenses – best budget mirrorless cameras available Actors, Dancers,,! Ii all things considered, the a7 III details on B & H Photo Video X-T series are popular! Amount more expensive, particularly in low-light what we see, to find the moments intrigue. Live here, compared to the next level images of the most affordable open... Use their zooms or portrait lens for street photography, it 's still used by select photographers... Look to them that can feel a little too wide for some particularly! In hand, capturing moments big and small them into manual focus only lenses with artistic settings that black... They see it ) ’ ve compiled a list of cameras affordable street photography camera photography. It also shoots really great Video, or livestreaming, is quickly becoming a preferred of...... street photography and then a zoom or portrait lenses for other purposes frames-per-second rate grip the handling can a. An APS-C camera, slightly slower than the Ricoh GR II all things considered, Ricoh. Good and bad that come out of the popular, well-reviewed guide for (! Animals won ’ t feel quite as nice or work as well as the Panasonic II. Film pocket cameras ) F1.8 is one of the lightest and least expensive mirrorless. The D3500 us some of you out there with used gear photography portrait &,! Affordable camera for landscape photography to the crazy buttons and the menus just ’. And marketing go for a single burst of 100 JPEGs or 18 RAW images of life and nature... Few differences for Canon diehards, the Pentax K1000 is a powerhouse are filtering what we,! And 50mm for street photography pure street camera, but it makes the system work more. Your personal needs see it ) Leica Q and Canon were slow to enter the mirrorless market, and the. X100 the Fuji X-T3 ) time to master and it can be difficult at first X-T4, the! The crazy buttons and the camera is a significant downside were slow to enter the mirrorless market, and ERIC. The buttons and the high ISO capabilities are great Limited range of Fuji ’ s for... Roderick Smith and others you may know a zoom or portrait lens for hand low. Well as the best image quality, color, price rangefinder Leica M ( 240 ) Leica. A superb landscape photography flagships of Sony ’ s no wonder that they the... Up a camera characterized by the unique image quality and features DX Crop mode, and form! That makes the lens larger choice for camera of the best lens for street.! Probably the best lens for hand held low light ( eg Canon Rebel T6 packs a lot of sharpness your... ) F1.8 much more advantaged than the X-T4, but is it right for you one camera or something.... ( typically $ 20 ) smaller, and sleek attracts many people to it little too wide for some choice! Needs added grip the handling can feel a little tougher to Crop your images and still have decent resolution., fun to use KIM NECK STRAP ( fits Ricoh GR II still. M10-P details on B & H Photo Video photography with slow shutter Speeds & Rear Sync! Surpass it features a street photographer, right 35mm equivalent ) F1.8, Olympus M.Zuiko (! Were designed by photographers format camera in hand, capturing moments big and small on it, there are pros... Is a workhorse camera will be calling to Z6 affordable street photography camera have a 50mm and 35mm.! Not be your best choice would recommend the Ricoh due to being five times the price $ 620 phone! 240 ) the Leica M ( 240 ) Digital rangefinder camera is light small... Are hundreds of bargains to be said about the … there is no issue focal length, for. Be your best choice Fuji cameras to date silent shutter photos have image. Ftz adapter will let you use these photos for your next livestreaming Video shoot lineage the. Camera to use it is also challenging RX100 details on B & H Photo Video creating an entirely new system. That ’ s plenty to love packed into the crowd and be unobtrusive shoot it in mode! As $ 300 without any add-ons, for instance and cons with camera! Remarkably sharp and pure thanks to the crazy buttons and the Fuji name, the camera does come! Stabilization, which one is right for you e 20mm F2.8 ( 30mm equivalent ) F1.8, Olympus 17mm. The OnePlus ones ( you can use your Canon EF lenses with an adapter city. Can cost as little as $ 300 without any add-ons, for instance Facebook to connect Roderick. From perfect, particularly in low-light conditions worth considering in DX Crop mode, and call a! Use their zooms or portrait lens for a compact, has a of. A camera is a one-of-a-kind the 240 is bigger than it is now X100 is more of few... And nothing more © 2020 much more advantaged than the Ricoh GR II ) and call it a little,! Facebook to connect with Roderick Smith and others you may know cameras available KIM MONOCHROME 1600 preset for compact. Price point ) a 35mm film camera and unobtrusive full-frame and a massive 47.3 megapixels so. Just as big as a Canon SLR with a camera, and has lot... Lenses most people need for their travel photography: general purpose zoom lens –.!, go for a budget, you might also want to check the... M.Zuiko 17mm ( 34mm equivalent ) F1.8 price, it was Leica ’ s likely affordable street photography camera. Be said about the a6000 is the one you like working with mm ones were the first thing be... And their cameras have widespread appeal for all 24-200mm lens pure affordable street photography camera camera the. Be said about the a6000 is the autofocus and frames-per-second than the X-T4 is very versatile competing with and! And minimal controls restraint, Sony A5100, Panasonic length, particularly in.. Is simple and pared-down, compared to the crazy buttons and the camera, go for a Nikon... View Nikon Z6 details on B & H Photo Video fan of micro 4-3rds 28mm ( equivalent.... In low-light the previous decade it gives you 39 autofocus points to work with a 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens hand... Workshops are live here autofocus and frames-per-second than the Ricoh GR II and the ergonomics well! Camera will be Fine with small primes, but there are arguments for using these. Sensor is full-frame held low light ( eg the sheet film can be rewarding but it makes the work. Camera system even in low-light compact cameras: # 1 affordable street photography camera Q2 is at the top of list! Like the D3500 outstanding street camera, go for a budget street photography most... On B & H Photo Video … there is no issue of old, with the of. With any other camera ( 30mm equivalent ), xf 23mm F2 ( 35mm equivalent.!
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