Thank you for your post, 01/16/2018 by Strip a 1/4-inch of insulation from each end of your jumper wire with a pair of wire strippers. You will need apply the jumper to whatever colored wiring attaches to J6 contact 1 and 3 (most likely red and blue but I'd hate to guess and have you damage your machine) Here is a spare tech sheet for you just in case you lost yours. Have a whirlpool duet it stopped working and the only button lit is the door lock it sounds like the water pump is running but no lights will light up at all on control panel..could the water pump going out cause this problem? Per schematic diagram found on another string on, Red at control board is “line”, yellow is “switch input” and violet is “lock input”. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button. Never saw anything so OVER-ENGINEERED or POORLY ENGINEERED. @lpfaff1 my Boss said the same thing:-) Have a great and productive week, stay warm and safe. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. I assumed lid switch bad and so tried to bypass switch. Step 3. @grim69 according to your model number, this should be the lid switch for your machine. 90 series (3) Amana (1) ... How to Test and Bypass the Lid Switch on an Amana ... How to Fix a Broken Lid Switch on a Kenmore / Whir... Refrigerator Door Left Open & Defrost Timer / Q&A; The control boards are expensive. @bigee check the answer and look at the schematic. If you will open the top up, you should see the lid switch, and you should see the electric wires attached to it. The main control checks the door lock assembly to get information about the state of the lock, lock, unlocked, etc;, If the main control does not get the proper resistance readings back from the lock the control will not allow the washer to do anything. Last link is how to put into diagnostic mode to get error code to help diagnose fault. Best of luck and hopefully your week will get better. Washer wasn't draining or spinning. arjaysmithjr, “Best answer for most modern self-locking lids. Whirlpool cabrio lid lock bypass machine will not power up. The lid lock light started flashing again and I have been unable to figure out how to spin the clothes. Amana top load washer has a 4 wire lock switch. On my plug I have yellow blue white and red. If you fried the board somehow, what do you have to lose? I pulled the lid-lock apart. oldturkey03. Any help appreciated to test the control board and or correctly jump switch end to permanently tell the control board the lid is closed and locked!!?? You'll either be rewarded or know there's something else wrong deeper inside the machine. Then a separate 2 wires for the motor. Terms — Also, depending on the Amana model, this switch can have 2, 3, or 4 wires, and CANNOT BE BYPASSED BY "HOT WIRING A COUPLE OF WIRES TOGETHER" the way you could with the older washers where the switch was a simple on/off job. P.S. The "Positive" from the control board to the Electro Magnet relay, the Negative for the Relay, The sensor wire from the control board and the sensor return.. All attached to themselves? I did mine by cutting off the solenoid plunger. They have third or fourth wires that feed constant current whether door open or closed to activate and deactivate the locking solenoid. You can also test by bypassing the sensor. Attempting toggle switch, James monroe Techs are saying it’s impossible, not because they want to be rude. Checking between Red and Yellow wire at the same board connector will show the continuity of the lid switch. UNPLUG THE WASHER BEFORE CLEANING OR REPAIRING ANYTHING. My laptop is an Enpower ENP 545. This diagram came from a 70 Series, but it will help with others including Whi... Labels. At that point the lid light makes a clicking noise. We say it because we’ve tried and have not been successful. Do I just tie em together?? Turn the water on, if it doesn't work, replace the switch and latch assembly, if it still doesn't work, take it to the shop. I connected the blue and white wires started a load, and waited until the lid lock red light came on. I've read the posts here about the control board sequence where it locks then unlocks the lid. If the lock is defective even jumping may not close it. I have a amana for the lid switch.i have 3 do I do them, July 28 by leaving the upper spring loaded latch connected to the lower locking assembly, but pulling it all out of the unit and secured in back somewhere. I recommend that you UNPLUG the washer and check the wiring connections first. Sangines, could I possibly see post of picks on how you bypass the lid switch, with using lid harness, tks, Hi Larz1976. BTW keep the yellow to red jumper there and the board should see exactly what it would see if the lid was closed and locked. Anyway, the little solenoid IS about 70 ohms so if you want to bypass this turd, just pull ALL that crap off, back to the main board, wire the coil across red and violet, short violet to yellow, and you're in business. Older lid switches simply cut the power to the washer or just the main drive motor. 04/03/2017 by Locate the lid switch wire harness in the right side of the control panel housing. All the YouTube videos on bypassing​ the lid switch on my Kenmore washer are three wire harnesses​ and mine is a four wire harness and all the videos show that you unplug from the switch itself mine don't so can you not bypass it, Bypass # four and #three you said right so I unplug from the control board and that's where I bypass it 4 and 3 which is red and white just want to make sure before I do if you can please let me know ASAP I'll be the last time I ask you a question I appreciate it or do I take the door lid switch itself there but there is no plug in there only plug in is at the control board. There are different variants of the 110 series and the exact model number from your washer may reveal a better answer for you. You will have to pull it out when the clothes are down in order to start another load. This switch performs the same function, but the lid must be locked in place for the machine to wash. A simple bypass for the first type of lid switch is to simply jam a piece of wood into the switch, causing it to activate the solenoid. Don't open the lid while this hunk of junk is hopping around the floor, and you wont get hurt. How to Install a Jumper Wire to Bypass the Lid Switch on a Whirlpool Washer. I cant figure out the last wire. I can't just be bypassed the good old way like the 2 wire ones of old. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Can you provide a wiring diagram or list of the wire colors ? The humming is most likely the switch not engaging. If you need anything else, just let me know. See links below for more info and how to. arjaysmithjr. My machine has a “Sensor” light that illuminates when the connection is active, or when it thinks the lid is shut. It will do this if the WATER to the washer is turned OFF, or if there's no water pressure; there's a pressure-activated switch inside the washer. I have a Whirpool with the 4 wire switch lock. What about the yellow wire and where did you cut them at under the lid or in the control panel. Any help/advice for Eddie would be appreciated. Step 1. You’ll have everyone suing you. Designed to fit specific Whirlpool manufactured top load washer models including some Kenmore's. This switch allows the washing machine's control board to detect whether the lid is open or closed. @grim69 give us a complete model number. Vegas for Model Number wtw5000dwt1. It shows which wires would need to be jumped. I could of saved 25.00. It has a 4 wire plug connection. @davidmcc1129 And once you design this Universal lid lock bypass, one of those Tide Pod eating fools will open the lid, and while the washer is spinning, reach in to pull out a shirt and his arm will be broken in multiple places. W ire colors at the lid switch are yellow, red, and violet (purple). Accessibility. @gunsmith77. I have an Amana NTW4605EW0 washer with lid switch. There is a magnetic continuity circuit check done with these 2 wires before anything else in the programming. That's when I connect the red wire to the blue and white wires and wash cycle begin. My magnet has disappeared THAT interacts with that sensor can I bypass it. The other two wires supply voltage to the coil that is also inside the switch. After that, you can use a jumper wire, or a metal paper clip to make a connection between the two contacts. I’m building what I call a Universal digital logic bypass emulator controller. For reference the switch looks just like the lid switch for an HP DV9000 (a very small 3 leg rectangle). So to start with I connected the wires together. Newer washers with a lid lock and indicator lights that blink, you can not bypass the switch. By the schematic it looks like placing a jumper (careful there is 120V on that line) between #4 and #3 on the lid switch will bypass it. Bought 3 years ago, Model NTW4605EW0, S/N# C52033469. Give me a 10-year-old, non-computerized Whirlpool or Maytag any day! I've got two wires to initaite the machine, red and white, then add the blue to initiate the lid lock. ... Hey erik, I got all the things I needed to get this bypass, I'm here on site, and I tried to wire it, and im coming up with codes, du and dl, 0. Accessibility. Regardless of the wire color, connect the continuity wires together, and make those the common pole on a switch. Under operation, start with the new switch in the off position, then start the machine wash cycle as you would normally do, wait a couple of seconds, and then hit new switch so that it is in the on position. Paying a few dollars is wiser than risking blowing a board and paying $250 or more. Unfortunately washer still will not spin or drain and I no longer hear the lid lock relay clicking. It will make short work of any safety . Afraid I burned a board connection at the control board with incorrect jumper. Certain portions of the wash cycle, such as the spin cycle, will not initiate as a safety precaution when the lid … I could of used a toggle switch with with blue and red on one side and red on the other. It seemed to work until it got to the final spin. The other wire is just for the lock solenoid. Lids that lock, work off magnetic solenoids or by heat activated switches that lock and unlock the lids. Pull the cord free from the wall socket to disable the power to the washer. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. You cannot bypass the lid lock on these models because the control board sequences the switch mechanism on/off to determine if the switch is operating properly. 0. erik.sangines Larz1976. Originally recorded November 1, 2014. Newer washers with a lid lock and indicator lights that blink, you can not bypass the switch. This document Kenmore 1105072011 Washer will show you how to get into diagnostics mode and what the results mean. Kenmore 31060 6" 2-in-1 Combo Fan. What's gonna happen when he plugs the machine back in? I would really need to know the specific machine and be able to find a diagram of the wiring to give you a correct answer. Mine are Green, White, Red, Blue, Brown and Black. Which is the ground? The other input: "Lock Input" which comes off the line (red) through the coil of the solenoid (says 70 ohms) and back to the board. To test for a fault, you can use a digital volt meter to read voltage. These have more than 2 wires because it’s not one switch. Have a good night. ... Kenmore 3-Burner Pedestal Gas Grill PG-4030400 ... See Details. The Service Manual shows 2 inputs: "Switch Input" (yellow) and that will be the 120VAC coming right off the line (red) going through the closed switch back to the board. @Michael dimov are you referring to the magnet that is on the stricken that is located on the lid and fits inside the lock assembly when the lid is closed? Best to identify wires with a multimeter. You describe your wires as white, blue, light blue and red . So the work around goes like this. Chance Cleveland, That's mine . Unplug the Kenmore washer power cord from the wall outlet. A solution in search of a problem. You could always take out the 2 screws that secure the latch to the lid, slide out the latch and put it in the lid lock. The interlock switch senses the door is shut and the dryer can begin. After this check, the machine will activate the 2 wires connected to the tiny motor to actuate the locking bar. With the machine unplugged, you can disconnect the wires to the lid switch and attach them to themselves, and the lid switch will then be by-passed. Then there are 2 other wires, light blue and red that are not connected to the motor. The senser light comes on I hit the start button then the lid lock blinks for a minute and clicks but nothing happens I hit the cancel button light all turn off then you here the humming sound down below somewhere what can this be desperate help 5 kids no wash. @oldturkey03 , This volunteers shift is over, Boss said! Step 1 silentthunder38. These have more than 2 wires because it’s not one switch. I had the same problem with my Kenmore washer I took the same steps with the wires and it worked perfectly. Two bezels included, one White and one Grey. so a simple jumper wire will not work. Kenmore front load washer door lock bypass.

This switch and harness assembly has a flat 3 pin plug with flat connections. Robert Anderson, I bypassed the 4 wire switch where i dont have to do all that confusing stuff, 01/08/2019 by This is a typical wiring diagram for a Kenmore Series Dryer. The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore. If you don’t know that GROUND is ALWAYS green then you don’t need to do any electrical DIY repairs. [1] X Research source Once you’ve unplugged your washer, lay the power c… Good luck. Posted by denise, 01/08/2019 by Yellow is the solenoid coil. The lid locking mechanism can’t be bypassed. and what two color wires would you jump thanks I can't get the part for like a week so whatever I can do just to get it temporarily do some laundry. Do not bypass the lid switch since it is a safety mechanism and could lead to serious injury. But thanks I have my switch ordered and had one load to wash while waiting. It has a 6 wire harness and the 2 separate wires to the small motor. @oldturkey03. @arjaysmithjr n you give a little layman explanation as to how you wire the coil across teh red and purple? It wasn’t working so to work around it, I connected the white and blue wires together. So there really is no reason to revert to profanity. You can duplicate it by putting to wires together. We can’t encourage stupid, nor can we fix it. martha.eads, I got. 11/23/2018 by Do not continue until you’ve confirmed that the power cord is completely disconnected. My model has three wire lid (GE model# GTW680 BSJ0WS). The lid lock it to prevent injury to the people near the washer, as without it stopping the machine, the agitator will turn with the lid open. The machine starts a cycle but quickly stops. 04/02/2017 by The red and white wires are for the lid switch. White and a blue, April 4 by Yeah, just like computers! Modify the solenoid is one simple solution. Edison Shinn. “. ... Can you tell me how to bypass a lid switch on a Roper. The lid switch was slowly dieing and finally went kaput. GE toploader washer was clicking (relay like clicking sound) after water filled, but washer would not starting agitate or spin cycles and after a pause displaying “end”. I connect blue & white wires it will start to fill then stops & red lock light starts blinking ,then fill light blinks , that is all it does. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a new one. Your diagram does not list the color code but shows that your lid lock connects to J6 on your control unit PCB. I took out the jumper and installed a new lid switch detector assembly… but still no joy. The switch is compressed by the lid when the lid is closed and decompresses when the lid is open. Then connect the lid lock open wire to the off pole of the switch and the lid lock closed wire to the on pole of the switch. unsure if I need to use a SPDT relay or if I need an inline resistor to one of my connections. They are a huge inconvenience and most fail due to suds and water. My washer is Amana #ntw4605ewo. They have several switches and even a magnetic switch that is activate when the lid is closed. Witch color wire's do you connect together to bypass the lid lock permitly, 07/28/2019 by These new ones have a sensor back inside the body with the controls, and if the sensor's not happy, the washer doesn't turn on. 3. My wife is handicapped and I wash all the clothes. Blue is the lid switch and red is the lock switch. If anyone knows, please answer. You can't bypass those style lid locks without making a elaborate toggle switch setup. Plug the … I bought new switch & latch still not working, 04/20/2017 by The white wire is the neutral common connection. The control board has to "see" the lid switch and the lock switch … Washing Machine Lid Lock Latch Switch for Whirlpool part number W10404050. We are on the honor system here. 3 wire lid switch bypass whirlpool. Red,White,Blue & Yellow. 90 series (3) Amana (1) ... How to Test and Bypass the Lid Switch on an Amana ... How to Fix a Broken Lid Switch on a Kenmore / Whir... Refrigerator Door Left Open & Defrost Timer / Q&A; For that use this guide. 05/14/2017 by I have 3 wires red,blue,white what connects to what, 09/08/2018 by I installed a new switch lock assy and still no workey. The switch won’t know the lid isn’t down. I am including the wiring diagram, pin out chart and testing information for the lid lock on this washer in the images below. arjaysmithjr can you give a little layman explanation as to how you wire the coil across teh red and purple? However, lid lock switches are generally magnetic and must be bypassed differently. I tried this on my Roper. All the bypass washer lid switch on YouTube are 2 or 3 wires. The wire harness is … You should also run the diagnostics test to make sure that it truly is a lid switch error. Thank you. And just to clarify, what's the exact model? These 2 wires are the sensor that checks for the lid being closed. Step 5. January 6 by

If the washer operates, the lid switch is faulty. @grim69 , Eddie lynn, The door lock assembly might be defective check and replace if damaged (some of these switch assy start coming apart at the seam joint,see the 3rd link), also check door strike assembly for damage and replace if cracked/damaged. Walter Stillwaggon. Washer lid switch assembly includes wire for grounding. These are not as simple as twist together and go as in older machines. They have several switches and even a magnetic switch that is activate when the lid is closed. I’m tired of the techs saying it’s impossible and being Rude wile doing it . Denise Milligan, I only have 3 also, did you find the answer cause I can't find it, thank you, 07/19/2019 by we just bypassed our whirlpool HE by popping the top and cutting a plastic wine cork to hold the locking mechanism into place - $0 - 5 minute fix and it's working like a champ (and I LOVE being able to open the lid to toss in that one wayward sock!). The blinking of the sensor light sure makes it sounds like you do have a faulty lid switch. oldturkey03, Complete model#11050702011 Kenmore residential washing machine the senser light blinks I hit the start button then the lock lite comes on blinks and blinks and makes a clicking noise and then it does that for about 2 to 3 minutes and then lid lite light goes off it won't lock, Thank everyone I know this might sound stupid but my dad always said asking someone a question is never a bad thing here it goes do pull the plug out of control board and jump there it is the only place that it looks like to jump it and then leaving out of the control board after it's jumped thanks everyone pretty $@$*!& weekend. therefore what about a mechanical bypass. To bypass, the first step is to unplug your stove so you don’t accidentally short out your control board. The EDT Series defrost timers utilize adjustable timing and industry standard wiring to replace most domestic and many commercial defrost timers. I know there has to be some sequence that works. Sangines, could I possibly see post of picks on how you bypass the lid switch, with using lid harness, tks. I am unclear exactly how to do this. Mayer, Just for my on knowledge, you recommend that Terry attach the 4 wires of his Lid Lock to themselves? David clark, I also have the same colors. How do I bypass that? 12/24/2019 by As a micro Processor engineer I’m insulted and I’m taking safety back into our own hands my next design will incorporate a nano processor that is based on C++. Every tech I know has tried and none have succeeded. 20232711 Washer in stock and ready to ship today. Please remember to rate my service by selecting a star at the top of the screen before you leave today. Contractor's Assistant: Can you guesstimate how old your Amana is? Disconnecting Lid Lock,bypass or jump wires. They have a tester there that gives the technician the error code he needs to fix the machine. Not all machines have the same colored wires. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. By the schematic it looks like placing a jumper (careful there is 120V on that line) between #4 and #3 on the lid switch will bypass it. Red and yellow are the switch wires, see attached picture. Afterwards, the programming will look for the red wire connected to the continuity wire (white and blue). Jerry Frasier, I also have a Maytag Bravo MVWB755DWO. Check your supply water pressure, or even better, turn the water ON! Many have shorted the control boards trying to bypass the lock. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Looks and sounds like @grim69 has a bad lid switch,. - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician. Contractor's Assistant: Do you plan on doing the work yourself? The programming checks for this connection first. If necessary, scoot the appliance away from the wall just enough to expose the main power cord. You should also run the diagnostics test to make sure that it truly is a lid switch error. Your the one that described wiring to short it out. In fact, law suits are the reason why they keep redesigning these lid locks, people will stick their arm in a spinning washer. Lid switch has 3 wires red, white and blue. If so, you can buy a striker for a few dollars on eBay. This is a typical wiring diagram for a Kenmore Series Dryer. Red. I want to by pass it, do I join all three together? 06/24/2018 by I hope I have earned a 5 star rating. If those connections are okay, you can check that lid switch in the manual diagnostic test mode as shown in the 2nd and 3rd images. Was able to wash. Terms — Check your supply water pressure, or turn the water ON! Actually these wires are the common negative connection for the locking bar. Instead of buying a new lid switch I simply bypassed it. Should yours look different you want to take some images and post those with your question. Was accomplished SUCCESSFULLY for MANY, MANY decades, with an open-close switch. Everything I've read had 4 colors. Position it in the same way it would go in if it was on the lid. Donnie Merrell. Remove the two Phillips-head screws from the front corners of the control panel. oldturkey03, oldturkey03 Marcus Gordon. This document Kenmore 1105072011 Washer will show you how to get into diagnostics mode and what the results mean. billynichols70. Step 4. You’ll soon be hearing from his attorney. I tried jumping yellow to red per schematic. 4 years ago, Hey Erik. That might work for as long as you do not remove the "jumper" and for as long as the lock still works. I have a Maytag Bravo Top Loader Washer MVWB835DW, and the lid locking mechanism has 6 wires with 2 wires connected to a tiny electrical motor that actuates the locking bar. terry dorner. Gene Sheldon. 12/21/2019 by How about the 4 wires? Silentthunder38 Please feel free to write a better answer. If your washer lid switch has only 2 wires going to it, AND it’s an older washer design that doesn’t lock but it stops spinning when you lift the lid, then you can connect those 2 wires together to bypass the swith. Put a 70 ohm resister across red and violet simulating the solenoid, and see what happens. This for my lid lock. Have a whirlpool cabrio with lid lock that light keeps flashing and unable to wash clothes, 11/17/2019 by
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